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Last updated Saturday, 30 June 2012 03:08 PM


For the latest news about the CRCA and its various ministries a new online newsletter has been established - CRCA Catalyst.

This is an exciting and fresh approach to presenting the CRCA to the wider community as well as its own membership.

Rev David Groenenboom of our Gateway congregation in Perth has become it's first editor and is seeking to fill a gap while the future of Trowel & Sword as an online publication is further researched and decided (see below).

In promotion of the very first issue David writes:

"We're happy to bring to you the first issue of CRCA Catalyst

  • read about new churches
  • learn how ministry share really works
  • find out about new workgroups that will help local churches
  • hear the voice of a church planter who learned some hard lessons
  • understand more about the CRCA Special Appeal Collection on (or about) August 19"

Just follow this link and you will be taken to news of the latest developments in the CRCA as well as thought provoking items from further afield:

(Saturday, June 30th 2012)

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The Future of Trowel & Sword

It has been some time since we update this page and site and significant changes have been decided upon by the May 2012 Synod of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia as to the future of Trowel  & Sword.

It is confirmed there will be no hard copy of the magazine and no new committee to take the magazine forward online.

However Synod 2012 recommitted to having T&S as the flagship of the CRCA and has mandated a new workgroup to look into the entire online presence of the CRCA and how best to project the CRCA's presence on the internet.

This workgroup will also be responsible for finding a new T&S editorial team.

Funds left over after subsidy monies have been returned to the general fund, have been reserved for a future T&S publication - at this time approximately $17,500.

(Saturday, June 30th 2012)

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